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The tale of an alien anthropologist from the far away planet Ementeran, and a human female from Earth. This intricate story of discovery and affection between scientist and subject spans the lifetime of the human known as Krissy, a miniscule span of time to the long lived Ementeranian.


an Anthropological Study of the Humans of Earth

by Teri Saya

Humans, an interesting species. They are a relatively new to this planet they call Earth. Their life spans are quite short, yet they multiply quickly, and their kind covers the globe. However, they tend to be collectively violent and self-destructive. As far as we can tell, they have the capacity to become more intelligent than they seem. Our recent observations are inconclusive and many questions continue to arise as to their worth. Should we use our resources to rescue this species from the impending natural disaster that will destroy their world?

We of the High Council require a more comprehensive study. All members of the High Council approve authorization to dispatch a team of anthropologists, biochemists, and scientists to the new underground field station on Earth’s Moon. Close enough to study the Earth humans using beam and biotechnology without physical contact.


Personal Log: I have prepared myself both emotionally and physically for this journey. It will be my first off-planet anthropological expedition. My analysis of the reports from the last expeditions of my predecessors has been very helpful. The High Council has gathered a crew of the highest rated experts Ementeran has to offer. It is exhilarating to be one of the first of this team to use the new Bio-unit, which will give us an exclusive view into the psyche of the human species.

First Journal Entry: Chief Anthropologist, Dr. Ginophetazzarythonolian, reporting from sector 7. Earth calendar year 1956. Ovum # 8011957, was beamed directly into the left fallopian tube of subject # 6261930, an adult human female. Observations of the human male and female confirm that fertilization is optimum at this time. 

Fetus - Floating in the darkness, she feels the other’s presence. “Who are you?” She questions. The response is but a whisper, “I am your Friend.”



Infant - Earth calendar year 1957, August 1: Her peaceful sleep shatters, she can feel pressure from all directions. Where did all the water go? She can hear loud voices and feel emotional stress. “It is alright little one, I am here with you,” whispers Friend. “It is time for you to leave this place.” Pushed from behind, she can feel cool air on top of her head. More pressure and suddenly, a blinding light, hands touching, faces swirling. It’s cold out here! She begins to shiver. The nurse uses a rubber bulb to suck the fluid from her mouth and nose. She takes a deep breath and cries out, loud and clear. She can feel a warm cloth cleaning her shaking little body. She is wrapped tightly in a blanket, and the shaking stops. Mommy's voice soothes her, the arms around her are warm and strong. Mommy's blue eyes swim into view. Her tiny hand escapes from the blanket and she reaches toward the smiling face, the little fingers wrap around Mommy’s finger. A nipple touches her cheek, and she turns instinctively, suckling until the nutrient rich milk begins to flow. She fills her belly, then drifts off to sleep.

Journal Entry: The High Council granted permission for limited communication via bio-unit, and I have recorded the first thought transferences. Human baby, subject # 8011957, was born with no complications. The bio-unit was not damaged during birth and is functioning at full capacity. It has recorded all physical, chemical and emotional reactions, which gave me exceptional insight into the human birthing process.


Baby - Earth calendar year 1958. Age 1year, 1 month: Outside in the yard, the air smells green and fresh. Krissy pushes her bare foot through the wooden bars and wiggles her toes in the grass. It tickles, producing a tinkling giggle from her tiny throat. She can see just beyond her foot, a small hairbrush, the one with the pretty, pink flowers, the one that feels so good whenever Mommy brushes her hair. She reaches for it with her toes, stretching out as far as she can. Then turns around and tries using her hand with her shoulder pushed hard against the bars, she still can not reach it. The dog is sitting nearby and Krissy claps her hands to get her attention. The dog wags her tail and comes close. Krissy points to the brush, but the dog only licks her finger. Disappointed with the dog, she redirects her thoughts. “Friend, I want the brush, can you get it for me?” Before Friend can respond, Daddy is suddenly there and reaching down with both hands, lifts her high into the air. She squeals with delight but then remembers the hairbrush and points to it far below. Daddy flies her to it, she snatches it up and holds on tight while Daddy flies her back behind the bars and lands her gently. She puts the brush in her mouth. The bristles feel good against her gums and then she brushes her hair with the damp brush, just like Mommy does.

Journal Entry: I have observed that the human baby, Krissy, has a far superior attention span than the dog. However, I can only speculate on the canine’s emotions without a bio-unit in place. The High Council has declined this suggestion. Krissy’s frustration levels are complex and sporadic. Also observed is no fear of heights even after the accident four months ago. It seems the baby has not developed self-preservation skills as of yet.

Personal Log: I have noticed that the human parents keep their baby in a cage while outside the habitat. What a strange concept. Although I suppose it is for her safety. Parents on Ementeran also place boundaries for their children as well, but not quite as restrictive.

Author's note: The story continues as Krissy grows into adulthood. Friend and Krissy's non-verbal communication becomes vital to the study of the humans, although unbeknownst to Friend, the new Bio-unit begins to create a problem that could cause the whole project to be abandoned.

Anything can change before publication, including the title. The image above is just an eye-catcher I found on the internet. The cover art to the book will be done by Art Sanchez.

Author: Teri Saya            Genre: Science Fiction