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by Teri Saya

Blue Ball begins his day like any other. However, when he decides to go to the park after school, Blue Ball's day becomes much more interesting. A human boy bats him high into the sky and he lands in the top of a very tall tree. What will Blue Ball do now?



This storybook is an exercise of the imagination. With bright, colorful photographs and a simple blue ball as the central character, your child or children can immerse themselves into the imaginary world of Blue Ball, which becomes more complex as he experiences one adventure after another. This book is designed to be read along with your child or to a group. To encourage cognitive, artistic, and reading skills, blank pages at the end of this book are provided to allow your child to draw out a Blue Ball story of his or her own design.

Author: Teri Saya         Genre: Children ages 4 to 11        Cover design by Art Sanchez

Available at most book stores and online, including Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble.


Same Blue Ball story but in a different language and
with cultural changes.

Available on Kindle and hardback at Amazon.

Writing the Spanish version of this story was a great challenge, considering I'm still in the midst of learning the language. Fortunately I have friends who are native Mexican and/ or have lived here for many years, who helped me with the translation. It was fascinating to go through this process. It wasn't just the correct punctuation and spelling, but also cultural differences such as, normally children would not "bat" a ball here, but would most likely "kick" a ball. And in one scene a blackberry bush is very prominent and grows wild in the states, but is rare here in Mexico. So I changed the Spanish scene to accommodate a typical indigenous sticker bush for this area. If your child is learning Spanish or English, these books would make a great addition to their bi-lingual library.

How Blue Ball came to be:
We had bought a basket full of colorful mosh-pit balls for our little Schnauzer for Christmas. Here is the video of that fun and silly event.

You will notice at the end of the video, there is one, lone, blue ball sitting out in the courtyard. This photo is what prompted me to write the Blue Ball story.

It was the one ball that had escaped the fray, and seemed to me to have its own personality. Blue Ball has no limbs, face, or mouth, and yet with imagination, can carry on a conversation with another ball and have wonderful and sometimes scary adventures, just like any human child.