~ Publication Preparation Services for the Independent Author ~


  • Proofreading: You as an author want to get your thoughts down without having to stop, backup, and check your freakin' grammar....right? And your spell-check doesn't catch everything....We offer professional and thorough spelling, grammatical, and punctuation editing of your manuscript at a phenomenally reasonable price.

  • Formatting: Turn your story into the proper format for your needs.
    Manuscript: This is the format you will be sending out to potential publishing agents.
    Print: This is the design of the interior of your book. How it will look to the consumer when published in print.
    E-book: Your book can be formatted to fit most of today's electronic reading devices.

  • Cover Artwork & Design: The cover is the most important part of this process. It is what the consumer first sees before opening your book. It must be appealing and give the reader a glimpse into what is inside. We can create the eye catching artwork and print design for your book cover.